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Freelance writer with bylines in The Guardian, The Verge, The Indiependent, The Thin Air, Hot Press + more. Full portfolio at

‘School of Rrrock!’ in print in Dig With It magazine

Founder Linda Coogan Byrne

In Waiting — from Pillow Queens’ Bandcamp

Amy Montgomery live, image courtesy of Chordblossom

Peter J. McCauley

Lisasinson by Victoria Herranz

“Women are at the forefront because naturally we had to be”


Out today via Belfast imprint Third Bar, The Fight Is Not Over is a fist-clenched snapshot of a scene of artists that insist upon making their voices — and music — heard. Kristen Sinclair gets the full lowdown on the four-track live EP from Problem Patterns, Strange New Places, Sister Ghost and Gender Chores, and digs deep to trace the trajectory of a movement that has no intentions to slow down any time soon.

Kristen Sinclair

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